Vehicle Compatibility & Installation

With which vehicles is the Automatic adapter compatible?
Most Model year 1996 and newer gas, diesel, and hybrid vehicles manufactured for the U.S. are compatible. Check compatibility at
Is Automatic for pre-owned vehicles only?
No, this product is intended for most new and used cars manufactured since model year 1996.
Should Automatic adapters be installed in vehicles already equipped with a factory-installed connected vehicle service?
Automatic partners with Auto Dealerships to provide their customers a comprehensive connected vehicle experience for their inventory of vehicles unable to receive OEM-embedded services. There are over 200M such vehicles in operation in the US and each one of them represents a fantastic opportunity to offer consumers valuable safety and convenience services at a very low cost. While Automatic could in some cases complement the embedded connected vehicle services in certain vehicles, this is not our recommendation.
What mobile phones support the Automatic app?
iPhone 5 and newer (running iOS 10+) and most Android phones running Android 6+. Alcatel One Touch and BLU phones are not supported.
When should I install the Automatic adapter in vehicles?
To ensure a timely vehicle delivery process, we recommend gaining consent and setting up your customer’s account first at point of purchase. Once the customer has downloaded the Automatic app, simply install the adapter into the vehicles OBD port.
How do I install the Automatic adapter in a vehicle?
Simply plug-in the Automatic adapter to the vehicle’s OBD port. The port’s location varies model by model, but is typically easily accessible under the dashboard on the driver’s side.
How long does it take to install the adapter?
The Automatic adapter takes less than 10 seconds to physically install in the OBD port. Following installation, adapter setup can take anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes.
Is the adapter immediately active upon plugging in?
The Automatic adapter will become active once the features have been activated through the customer’s mobile app using the PIN located on associated materials or the adapter itself.
When should the Automatic adapter be unplugged from the vehicle?
The Automatic adapter may be removed temporarily for the dealership to do normal diagnostics when servicing a vehicle. The Service Department should simply plug-in the Automatic adapter again before returning the vehicle to the customer to ensure there is no interruption to their Automatic service.
Does the Automatic adapter use power when the car is off?
When the ignition is off and the car has gone to sleep, Automatic consumes a very small amount of power. If a car battery is old/unhealthy, though, leaving the adapter plugged in could cause a battery to drain if left plugged in without running the car for two weeks or more.

How It Works

Does the Automatic adapter send information using the data plan on my customer’s phone?
No, the Automatic adapter has its own cellular connection. The only usage of your customer’s data plan occurs when they are using the Automatic app without a WiFi connection.
How is my customer’s information protected?
Our adapters use multiple, redundant security protocols that are similar to what large financial institutions use. From a technical perspective, below are a few details of our security procedures. However, this is not a complete list, since many of our security procedures are not disclosed.
  • We generate per-adapter 128-bit AES symmetric encryption keys during manufacturing. These are stored on Automatic’s servers, and enable secure setup and firmware updates.
  • The servers on our manufacturing line and the servers at Automatic that store our security keys are not connected to the open internet, but rather communicate with each other over a direct and secure HTTPS connection.
  • The adapter’s firmware has a whitelist of messages that can be sent to the car, so arbitrary (or malicious) messages can’t be sent to the car’s communications bus.
  • The adapter limits the rate at which messages can be sent to the communications bus.
  • Since a unique PIN etched into the adapter is required to operate the adapter, you must have access to both the Automatic adapter and the interior of the car in order to connect to the adapter. To this day, most off the shelf OBD-II adapters allow anyone with a smartphone in the vicinity of a car to pair to the adapter and send commands.
  • We enable Bluetooth’s security mechanisms, but we don’t rely on them. In addition, we use a adapter-specific encryption key to create a unique 128-bit AES session. This prevents both sniffing and communication between the adapter and unknown smartphones (or other clients.)
  • All of our server communications take place over HTTPS.
  • Authenticity of our firmware updates is protected with a RSA 1024 signature and 128 bit encryption.
Can my customer limit with whom their vehicle information is shared?
Customers have to consent to share their data with ourselves and/or our partners during the trial period. The customer controls to whom they share data. See the full policy at
What features are available in the consumer app to buyers?
The Automatic app will provide the driver with features that deliver safety, peace of mind, convenience, and cost savings. Some of the features include crash alert, roadside assistance, real-time vehicle location tracking, vehicle recall notices, and the ability to book service appointments from within the app.
Can I move the Automatic adapter to a different car?
The adapter can be moved to another vehicle at any point. Simply visit the menu of the app and select “ADD AN ADAPTER”. Anytime the adapter is moved to another car this same process must be followed.
Where can I troubleshoot any installation issues?
There are a list of support questions and answers at

Customer Trial and Subscription

How long is the customer’s trial subscription?
Each customer receives a complimentary 6-month trial subscription. Before the conclusion of the trial, the customer will be offered the option of continuing the premium service offering for a monthly fee.
What happens when the trial subscription is over?
Once the trial subscription is over, connected maintenance plus a few other features will continue to be offered at no cost to customers, whether or not they choose to renew their premium subscription. Customers will still be directed to your Dealership for service related reminders and notifications.
Will you also sell the adapter direct to consumer?
Yes, the adapter will also be available through retail stores and direct to consumer; however, the Dealership is provided the most advantageous distribution model.
What is the process after my dealership is enrolled?
Once you’ve completed the enrollment form, you will receive credentials and directions to begin ordering adapters. Upon approval of our business credit evaluation, adapters along with accompanying marketing collateral, will be shipped directly to your Dealership.


How much does the adapter cost?
$50/adapter, plus a $10 activation credit towards future purchases.
Can I sell the adapter to customers?
To get the best value out of Automatic and it's connected maintenance features, we recommend offering the adapter to your customers for free to help make the cars on your lot even more attractive. Any charges or fees for the adapter or service that are levied to the customer by the dealer must be pre-approved in writing by Automatic.

Connected Maintenance

What are the connected maintenance benefits in the Automatic Dealer Program?
  • Convenient Solution for Customers Creating Loyalty: The convenience of making an appointment from the app, based on the driver’s availability as well as appointment availability at your Dealership will bring customers back to your Dealership for any maintenance needs.
  • Manage recalls: Manage vehicle recalls efficiently, and proactively reach out to consumers to schedule repairs.
  • Manage parts inventory: Use information about upcoming customer maintenance needs to manage parts inventory efficiently.
  • Marketing and Communications with Customers: Allows your Dealership to communicate marketing offers to customers for time and distance based services.
Can it tell me if a car has had an accident repair in the past?
We will be able to support this with future versions of our device. It is currently not supported.
Does the dealer also get the service notifications/data?
Yes, the Dealer will also get the service notifications, as well as the type of service needed. The Dealer will continue to get service notifications should the customer subscribe to the premium service after the trial period.
If the customer does not purchase a subscription, will I still receive service data?
Yes, as long as the customer keeps the adapter plugged in, accessing the limited features will still be available after their trial.

Program Support

How will Automatic support our Dealership in introducing this service to our customers?
Your Dealership will be provided with marketing collateral for both your showroom and your vehicles to present to customers about the connected features of Automatic. If your customer has any questions after they leave the dealership, we have an awesome customer care team. Remember, your customers receive 6 months of complimentary service with their purchase, so you don’t need to capture any credit card or other payment information at the Dealership.

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